Prevent a Potential Fire Hazard By Taking Advantage of Dryer Vent Cleaning Service

From 1st Priority Heating & Air, Preferred HVAC Contractor in Concord, NC Serving the Charlotte Area

Use a residential dryer vent cleaning service from Concord, NC

Whether you're moving into your new home or moving out of your old one, you need to make sure your dryer vents are free of lint and debris. 1st Priority Heating & Air will clean your dryer vents to prevent a lint buildup. We'll clean vents from any dryer brand. Routine dryer vent cleaning can:

  • Help your clothes dry faster
  • Save you up to 25% on your energy bill
  • Reduce the risk of fire in your home

We work with home inspectors, home buyers and home sellers to clean your dryer vents as needed, and to recommend affordable solutions for maintaining them. Contact 1st Priority Heating & Air now to learn more about dryer vent cleaning in Concord and the surrounding Charlotte, NC areas.